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Split Show: Axe it Here / Chopping Wood for the Common Good? PREMISS, Bergen, NO, together with Callum E. Hill)

Chopping Wood for the Common Good? was a wood splitting performance involving an axe, ropes, chains, wood and a noose. It was presented with this piece of text:

A situation for the contemporary, leisurely minded, wood chopping Man, trying to make us feel bad with his misunderstood sense of moral superiority. It´s all plain fun and good game until the notion of sustainabilty limits this masculist frivolous pastime. This is paying for playing and not working for the salt of the earth. It is comparing his biceps to his triceps, his pec's to his abdominus rex, and how the tonus of his gluteus maximus will improve his chances for casual sex. Moving the axe along the arch in a perfect flex. The wild nature, sacred temple of birth, death and transformation, controlled and confined in this prison he is trying to master for himself. Trying to tame the chain (in vain) is no way to stay sane.