The Giveaway Archive was shown with myself present as observer and functionary. Spectators were required to fill out a simple form describing in their own terms the objects taken. The form was then stamped and signed by myself and the spectator before it was hung on the wall for public display. The project was advertised as such:

A giveaway of finished and unfinished artwork, sketches, useful & useless refuse, found & recycled materials, papers, books, notes, photographs, drawings, collectables, bits and pieces, odds and ends, metals, plastic, rope, wire, textiles, utensils, tools and other select items. Objects collected from 2004 until present day. Take anything you want, take as much as you want. Opens 4 pm sharp.

Before the opening. 

End of first day. 

When closing. 

Position of observer and functionary. 

Completed transacation forms.