Arbeidskapital (Labor Capital)
Kragerø, July and August 2013.
Part of the project In the Shadow of Munch, curated by Ane Sagatun, and part the official Edvard Munch jubilée celebration.

It consists of 2136,3 Norwegian coins minted between 1909 - 2013 (altogether 670 crowns, 93 and 1/3 øre in monetary value) an ordinary shovel, a piece of granite with trace amounts of quartz, and a hand carved brass plaque.

Link to reviews (in norwegian)
Vage gjenskinn av Munch
Kjetil Røed, Aftenposten

Kunstnere i arbeid
Inger Johanne Stantin Olafsen,







Photos: Ane Sagatun and Gabriel Kvendseth